Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Review – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

If you are anything like me, you might be on a constant look-out for books that hold your attention for more than twenty pages, books that speak to you on a personal level, books you can learn important life-lessons from as well as engage you in a couple of hours or days of good fun. It is very hard to select books that do just that. In my experience, for you to find a book that is truly captivating, you need to find yourself in it, find your personal motivations, life experiences and emotions reflecting back at you from the pages. I would even go further and say that a good book reflects your darkest emotions back at you, holds a mirror to you and makes you recognize some of your flaws. Gail Honeyman’s “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” does just that. 

But what exactly makes this novel one of the most engaging novels of our time? With its somewhat unlikely heroine and unexpected plot twists it makes you feel uncomfortable and ashamed of the society you live in, and it does this in the most loving and supporting kind of way. Honeyman is not afraid to give up control to the reader and one does not only feel like part of the story, but also like someone who knows more and understands more about Eleanor’s circumstances than she herself does. This way, the novel truly comes to live a life of its own. It is a beautifully written journey of self-discovery that lets you glimpse into the most intimate moments of this mistreated, misunderstood, fragile flower, Eleanor.

As I would love to share the warm fuzzy feeling this novel gave me with everyone who is willing, just like Eleanor, to feel things as they are, I am not going to get into details that would spoil your relationship with this beautiful book. Instead, I am just going to leave you a couple of questions to keep in mind as you read or reflect upon after you’ve finished reading.

So, enjoy the book and remember: even though Miss Oliphant is fine, be gentle to her.

My Rating

This book spoke to me on a such a deep, personal level that I know it will stay with me forever. Because of that, this deserves a Five Fox rating from me. 😊


Questions to Ponder

What were your initial thoughts about Eleanor? How did this change as you kept reading?

Was there anything that made you feel uncomfortable? What was it and why?

Was there anything that surprised you?

What do you think about the way she was coping with loneliness?

How do you think society affects misfits like Eleanor?

What do you think about the plant – Eleanor/ cat – Eleanor metaphor?

How would you continue Eleanor’s story?

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