The Kind Little Shroom | Digital Illustration

As you may already know, I’ve recently started learning digital illustration. My husband is crazy about Affinity Designer and he’s been telling me to try it ever since he discovered it back in January. This drawing is my first Affinity Designer illustration. To learn the techniques used for it, I (obviously) had to watch a tutorial in which this guy shows you how to draw a mushroom in Affinity. I did not want to copy his mushroom, but at the same time, I did want to create something similar, so that I could actually mirror the techniques used in the video.

While creating the Mushroom, I decided that I would write a little story about it and turn it into a complete digital illustration, with a background and all. My hubby came up with a kind of slogan: “Spread love like spores”. So, this is where the idea for this little poem came from.

I drew the tulips because yellow tulips are my favorite flower and I tried to use all of the same techniques that Danilo Fiocco was using in his video. After finishing this digital illustration, I have to say that I can see more of “deficiencies” than actual improvements as far as my digital drawing skills are concerned. I know this is a process, and recognizing what needs to be improved is probably a good thing, so here’s to hoping the next one will be better!

As you can see, I have two different variations. That is because I couldn’t decide on which colored hearts go better with the whole atmosphere of the illustration. I’d be happy to ‘hear’ your opinion on the matter.

Also, if you would also like to learn how to do a similar digital illustration, I suggest you watch Danilo Fiocco’s Mushroom Guy illustration tutorial. He has many other very useful tutorials as well that you can check out.

As always, thank you for spending time on my blog, and don’t forget to “spread love like spores” this spring!