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How to Get a Cat? | Adopting a Cat

Have you always dreamed of adopting a cat? Do you need help finding the perfect place to get one from? Is your partner also ready to become a cat guardian? If your answer to these questions is yes, look no further! I’m here to help.

How to Get a Cat?

Step 1

Decide at a young age that you cannot live without the annoying habits of a cat.

Step 2

Forget the image of the perfect cat. They are all perfect.

Step 3

Understand that adopting is better than shopping.

Step 4

Talk to your partner about cats. A lot. This way, even if they are not sure they want one, they will be more readily convinced when the time comes.

Step 5

Go on a hike.

Step 6

Find a cat.

Step 7

Take the cat home.

Okay, okay. Steps 5,6 and 7 are not for everyone, but this is how it happened for us. We found Adventure on top of a mountain alone, tired and hungry. He was about three months old. There was no question about bringing him down and finding him a home. At first, we didn’t want to keep him, but he was just so sweet and friendly that by the time we got to the foot of the mountain, we were sure he was going to be our forever cat. 

Adopting is a Big Deal

In all seriousness though, adopting a pet is a big decision. You have to understand that you need to commit to that tiny little soul you are taking into your home. It isn’t just about feeding them and giving them a place to sleep. You need to understand them, to make sure they have a safe place where they can be their true selves. Just like with children. Cats are very susceptible to stress. If you decide to adopt one, you need to make sure that you provide your furry (or not) animal with a safe environment.

Cats are extremely misunderstood creatures. Most people don’t take the time to read up on the specific behaviours that make them what they are: adorable little killing machines. If you don’t understand the cat’s need to hunt, catch and kill, you will never have a harmonious relationship with them. 

Cats are like balloons. Every impulse, every touch is like air blown into the balloon. If you don’t play with them, if you don’t let the air out of the balloon, it will burst and your cat will become uncontrollable (or even aggressive).

People sometimes tell me they want to adopt a cat (or a dog). Most of the time, I panic. Then, I try to tell them a few things about cats and about the challenges of owning one. Sometimes I feel like there should be free courses for people to attend before they decide to adopt an animal. Oh, and those courses should be compulsory for anyone wanting a pet. Adults and children alike. But since there aren’t any such courses, the least people could do is do some research. As far as becoming a cat guardian goes, there is a wonderful guy called Jackson Galaxy who has pretty much all the answers you could possibly ask about owning a cat. I used to watch his show My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet when I was younger. I learned A LOT about what to do and what NOT to do when you are a cat parent. 

I think it’s fair to say that I was sort of already trained in owning a cat when we adopted Adventure (I also kinda grew up with cats who taught me a lot about their wonderful species). But after we brought him home, I ordered Jackson’s latest book, Total Cat Mojo and finished it in about two days. That book should also be compulsory for anyone wanting to become a cat guardian. It is like the cat owner’s bible. You can find the solutions to most problems you may encounter on your journey with your cat.

Jackson also has a YouTube channel that is full of awesome videos about cats and the funny, crazy things that they sometimes do.

So then, how DO I get a cat?

So, getting back to our question: How to Get a Cat? Well, getting a cat is the easy part. Living in harmony with your cat companion is a little trickier if you are not willing to understand their behaviour. So let’s try this again.

How to Get a Cat?

Step 1

Understand that once you adopt a cat, you will have to love it and take care of it until the day it dies. That could take 20 years. Make sure you are ready for this commitment!

Step 2

Do some research! Watch a few videos, read a book, visit friends with cats!

Step 3

Make sure you are willing to accommodate your cat in your home! They will need scratchers, litter boxes, and vertical objects to climb on. They will want to be close to you, so don’t exile them into a far corner of your house where you never spend any time. Your house will have to look the part. A cat (a pet!) is a family member, don’t forget that!

Step 4

Decide on the best option for you! I’m not saying don’t shop for your cat, but know that there are many cats out there who deserve a loving home. Go to a shelter, meet the cats. They all have their personalities, so you never know which one might match yours.

Step 5

Get the cat! Love it, cherish it. Neuter or spay it!

If you feel like this is too much work, then think about whether or not you are actually ready to become a cat guardian. Adopting an animal should bring both of you joy, not stress and frustration.

You can find Jackson’s books by clicking on one of the links below. Read at least one of them if you are serious about getting a cat.

Catify to Satisfy

Total Cat Mojo

To celebrate cats, especially Black Cats, I created a series of illustrations to show you what amazing creatures they are. You can check them out by visiting my Illustrations page.

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