Maye Musk A Woman Makes a Plan

Review – Maye Musk: A Woman Makes a Plan

In her biography, A Woman Makes a Plan Maye Musk shares intimate details of her life while also giving advice for “a lifetime of adventure, beauty and success”. For someone who only knew her for her famous son, Elon Musk, Maye’s story is not only inspiring but also very surprising!

Her life really was full of adventures, but also of hardships that she successfully faced and conquered. Her voice is authentic and thus, her advice very relatable, easily acceptable. She does not want to force her opinions and world views on the reader, but seeks to give them another perspective, a helping hand, if you wish, that they can take if they feel the need to do so.

Her book came into my life at a very difficult moment, and I feel like it did help me reset my mind a little bit. I am not saying it changed my life, but I know that I will take many of her words of encouragement with me for – possibly –  as long as I live.

Maye Musk shares many insights into her approach to parenting, to work, and life in general. Reading her book, one can really understand how she was able to raise such successful children. Her parents were super intelligent, and she can obviously be recognized as the symbol of beauty and brains in today’s society.

I am quite ashamed to admit that before reading her book, I only knew her as the mother of the most prominent figure of our time, Elon Musk, but Maye Musk is famous in her own right through her career as a nutritionist and model. Also, let’s not forget that without her, humanity would not be planning on visiting other planets in the next decade. Or, not yet, at least. And there would be no Tesla. Or Big Green. And so on. But I want to forget about her children for a minute, and I suggest you do the same. Read her book for Her and for Yourself! I guarantee that you will find things that you can put in your little package, things that you will be able to take with you along the way – the walk of life, if you will. 

If there’s only one book that you will read this year (seeing how you don’t really have much time left), let it be this one!

My Rating

I gave Maye Musk’s A Woman Makes a Plan a Four Fox rating. 🦊🦊🦊🦊

I only gave it four because I didn’t care much for the parts where she talks about nutrition. I have heard most of those things from the nutritionist that I’ve worked with a couple of months ago, so it wasn’t of particular interest to me. But the rest, her accounts of her childhood, marriage and divorce, her move to Canada, then the US, and her overall approach to raising children is heartwarming and inspiring at the same time!

Kudos to this wonderful lady and a huge thank you for sharing her journey with us!

Let’s Ponder

What did you think about Maye Musk’s book?

What surprised you the most?

Would you have reacted the same way as Maye had to your child doing what Tosca did (no spoilers) or would you have tried a different approach? What did you think about Maye’s reaction to the whole situation?

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