Bird of Paradise Illustration Series

The story behind The Bird of Paradise Illustration Series

As you may know, I am new to the world of digital illustration. To get my creativity flowing, I came up with a game that will help me find new ideas to develop into art. I have three different sheets of paper, each containing a series of words. The first one has characters (animals, celestial objects, etc.). The second has scenes (real places or scenes from movies or books). The third one is a list of feelings. Before starting a new illustration, I randomly choose one of each category.

Below you will see the first series of illustrations that I made using this method. My main character is a Bird of Paradise who is in search of a quiet, calm place to live.

These illustrations took me quite a long time to make, I encountered challenges I wasn’t prepared for. But the most beautiful thing about this journey is that I learned new things and improved my drawing skills in Affinity Designer. It still isn’t quite what I want from my illustration skills, but I know that with every drawing I am getting closer to my goals.

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